Best Firewood to Burn

Choosing a Firewood to burn can sometimes be a little difficult when you want to make sure you're getting your money's worth for the season. so to make it easier for you, we've put together some of our favourite firewoods, including some of our own, to make sure you're selecting the one that best suits you.


Ironbark is a descendant of the Eucalyptus tree and usually has a coat of thick, sturdy bark. Ironbark has many different varieties, however it’s most common are the Grey and the Red Ironbark. Unlike most Eucalyptus trees, Ironbark stores it’s dead bark on its structure and builds up a red sap underneath the dead bark once it’s dried out. This creates an almost inflammable seal on the tree to protect its core, which is what makes it a highly durable, long lasting wood with an extended burn rate. Due to its durability, it may take a few goes to set alight. However once it is burning, it's quite tame and can last up to around 8 hours on its own.

Box Wood

Box wood is another sturdy wood that comes in many different varieties and names. Our Mixed Box Wood is a combination of Grey Box, Red Box, Yellow Box and many more varieties from Central Queensland and rural New South Wales. Box woods are a highly dense species just like Ironbark, however they have minimal sap which makes it easier to burn.

River Red Gum

River Red Gum is found right across Australia, primarily along the Darling River regions in South Western Queensland, rural New South Wales, Northern Victoria, and even South Australia. River Red Gum has a minimal flame production due to its robust structure, which makes it great for smaller or confined indoor fires.