Why you should burn Iron Bark.

Why you should burn Iron Bark.

Ironbark descends from the Eucalyptus tree and can be identified by its thick, sturdy bark coat and a robust red sap underneath the bark build up. Ironbark has many different varieties, however Grey and Red Ironbark are the most common variations of the wood. We’ve gather the many reasons why Ironbark is our top pick and why you should consider it for your next burn.

1. Extended Burn Rate

Unlike most Eucalyptus trees, Ironbark stores it’s dead bark on its structure and builds up a red sap underneath the dead bark once it’s dried out. This creates an almost inflammable seal on the tree to protect its core which is what makes it highly durable, giving it an extended burn rate of about 8 hours on average.

2. Less clean up required

Ironbark is known for its low maintenance on an open fire. It produces a smoke that burns out to almost nothing, allowing you to spend less time having to clean your fire pit after each use.

3. It’s less harmful to the Earth

Unlike most other softwoods, Ironbark is very economical. Not only does it burn at a much slower rate, but deforestation and the culling of Ironbark trees has almost no impact on the environment. So you’ll feel better about lighting a fire without damaging the Earth. On a side note, you’ll save a lot of money on firewood and won’t need to stock up so frequently.

How to burn Ironbark well

To get the most out of your Ironbark, here are some tips on how to properly burn your ironbark.

  1. Make sure its seasoned or “dry” before you buy it
  2. Have a durable, sunny place to store it where there’s no chance of rain